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Washington Divorce Online is a service created in Washington State that allows you to complete your official Washington State Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, commonly known as divorce, online.

How do I file divorce in Washington State

An Overview of Washington State Divorce

A divorce action in Washington State is officially referred to as dissolution of marriage. A divorce action begins by filing a petition for dissolution of marriage with the appropriate Superior Court. The party that initiates the divorce is referred to as the petitioner and the other spouse is known as the respondent. A divorce is granted by a judge signing a decree of dissolution. The decree finalizes the divorce.

How do I get Washington State Divorce

Divorce in Washington state can be categorized as contested or uncontested. In a contested case the parties are unable to reach agreements about the issues of the divorce such as how to divide property or debts and how to care for minor children. In a contested divorce you asked the judge to make these decisions for you. In an uncontested case the parties work together to reach an agreement on all these matters and are simply submitting the required documents to the court to obtain their decree of dissolution. Since most divorces in the state end with the parties reaching an agreement the remainder of this article will discuss the procedures of an uncontested divorce case in the state of Washington.

An uncontested case begins by filing the petition with the Superior Court in the county where either spouse resides or in a County where both parties agree. The latter is important because there are certain counties that allow you to file and finalize an uncontested dissolution of marriage completely by mail. This can save time and money as it avoids trips to the courthouse and waiting in lines.

After the petition has been filed with the Superior Court the parties must wait at least 90 days for the decree to be presented to a judge. The reason for the waiting period is that the state of Washington has a mandatory ninety-day waiting period which is commonly referred to as a “cooling off period.” The intent of this cooling off period is to give the couple enough time to change their mind about completing the divorce allowing the couple to withdraw their petition for divorce should they choose to reconcile.

Depending upon the schedule of the court it could take more than 90 days to have a hearing with the judge to sign off on the decree. It’s important to note that each Superior Court has slightly unique rules and procedures. For example one superior court may require you or your spouse to be present at the final hearing where the decree is signed. Another court may allow you to complete your uncontested divorce without either party being present.

The court processes are not overly complex. The most complicated aspect of an uncontested divorce is preparing the petition, decree and related case documents. The court does provide some of the documents required to complete an uncontested divorce. You should know that the case documents specifically the petition, decree, findings of fact, parenting plan, residential time summary, etc are not static, fill in the blank forms. Rather, these documents are living documents that must be properly formatted and edited to include or exclude a variety of information. Each couple’s situation is unique and as such divorce documents contain unique language to reflect the specific circumstances of the divorcing parties. For these reasons locating the appropriate documents and then customizing the documents to you the specific situation and circumstances can be time-consuming. Further incorrectly drafting the documents could cause delays with being able to finalize the divorce. It is common for judges to require decrees to be changed by adding or deleting language before they will sign the decree and end the marriage.

Washington Divorce Online was created to aid couples with their Washington State Divorce. The service is unique and most couples completing their uncontested divorce elect to complete the court process by mail. In such cases, one of the spouses answers questions through this website then receives all of the necessary documents to file and finalize the dissolution of marriage in the selected Superior Court. All of the paperwork is prepared by a duly licensed Washington attorney. This case attorney also provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the court process with the selected Superior Court.

If you or your spouse is considering a divorce in Washington state then you should determine if your situation qualifies for you to use Washington State Divorce. The total cost of the Washington Divorce Online service is only $249. A payment plan is available for those who wish to spread out the cost.

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