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Washington Divorce Online is a service created in Washington State that allows you to complete your official Washington State Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, commonly known as divorce, online.

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Privacy Policy

We are committed to the privacy of your information. We have very strict privacy policies, and we will hold all information you provide to us in absolute privacy. We will never share your name, e-mail address or personal information with any third party, unless required to do so by court order. We will participate with law enforcement and other government authorities as required.

The information we collect from you is used for the sole purpose of completing your divorce documents. The information you provide is necessary to prepare your case specific divorce documents. Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to, first and last name, physical address, zip code, email address, phone number, social security number, birth date, credit card information, financial information, mortgage information, automobile information, personal wedding information, and other sensitive information necessary to generate your divorce documents. You may choose to not provide any of this information. However, for any information that you do not provide, it is your sole responsibility to add same to your case documents before submitting your documents to the court or our 100% guarantee is void.

Further, some of your personal information becomes public record upon the filing your documents with the court. We have no control over the court and the information that becomes part of the public record by filing your divorce. We have no control over how the court or the state handles your information. We are not liable for any actions by third parties including the court.

We may be required to comply with court subpoenas, state and federal law, federal regulation, search warrants, or other court orders. In such cases, we may be required to release information. We may also use personal information in a manner that does not identify you specifically nor allow you to be contacted but does identify certain criteria about our users in general. For example, we may inform third parties about the number of registered users, number of unique visitors, and the pages most frequently browsed.

We will retain personally identifiable information for the terms required by law. You may request that we remove your personal information.


We strive to make our systems and connections secure by using security devices and data encryption.

All credit card transactions are processed through a third party via a secure gateway. The information you provide is only used to process your credit card payment.

All successful and unsuccessful attempts to login into your online account are logged. We record the date, time, IP addresses, and other detectable information for each login. This information will be used for law enforcement purposes for the protection of our users should there ever be any suspicion of unauthorized access.

All information provided for the completion of your case online will be guarded according to the standards in effect at the time the information is submitted.

Your documents are delivered to you via email or priority mail service.

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Privacy Policy
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